A Fuel Industry Game-Changer

Environmental, regulatory, and economic imperatives have created the future of fuel now, with patented green innovations from World Renewable Fuels (WRF). 

WRF scientists have created multiple renewable fuel patents. Long experience in the oil and gas industry: working on drilling rigs, driving trucks, and performing every job in an oil refinery has given unique insights into the biodiesel industry. WRF realized that nothing much had changed in 100 years of the oil industry. After a succession of biodiesel companies, and three intense years of private research at WRF, we have applied new methodologies to the renewable fuel industry, resulting in unforeseen technological breakthroughs:

  • Fuel extremely low in pollutants, clean burning and more powerful, high lubricity and great cold weather properties.

  • Fuel made from plentiful waste feedstocks at a low, fixed, long-term price, or we can work with waste feedstock at your enterprise.

  • Fuel made safely, with no caustic or explosive chemicals, and no high-electricity usage with a simple to use and operate patent-pending process.

  • Fuel made to the highest environmental standard: no waste discharge to land, air, or water with a high rate of conversion.

This is an industry game changer. No competing technology for the production of biodiesel, biofuel, or ethanol exists today. WRF is the new leader in sustainable fuels.

WRF is looking for global partners with the right combination of fuel, industrial, and/or management experience to open fuel plants.

We also offer industrial consulting to existing enterprises with waste streams that could be recycled and/or converted to fuel. We can retrofit existing oil refineries and biofuel plants to increase yields and profits.

And, we've designed our equipment to drop in easily with your existing petroleum and biodiesel refinery processes.

WRF provides equipment, installation, comprehensive training, lifetime support, and all fuel making supplies, including feedstock, if needed. WRF fuel plants are simple and safe to operate, simple and affordable, and can be set up in a fraction of the time and cost of other, and now outdated technologies.  We have spent years on lab research and development to create a step-by-step, patented system. Your success is our success, and with a global impact.